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flower arrangements:Keep your flower arrangements for longer

Here are some suggestions for your flowers stay fresh. Check out this article .

How pleased when you receive a flower arrangement is not it? Or when you find fresh flowers in the shop and you bought your own floral arrangement to brighten up your home. But how to make it last longer in good condition? Here are some suggestions for your flowers stay fresh.

The first two days to keep your flower arrangement is critical to remain fresh and alive. You must fill the vase with water up to twice a day (morning and afternoon); ensuring complete water change once a day. If you add a couple of ice cubes, you'll do better than cold water keep your flowers.

Avoid placing the floral direct sunlight (or strong light) and where there drafts. You must be in a cool place in the house to last longer. If you spend several hours outside the home, placed the flower arrangement in a place that is safe; avoid placing flowers near fruit, as they give off a gas that would accelerate the maturation of the flowers.

Floral arrangements are presented in different ways and care vary by container arrangement.
To change the water in an oasis armed arrangements (green foam), you must flip the array and fill it with water right away. This type of arrangement is somewhat stiff, so you need not fear losing its shape.
The arrangements in wire mesh (like roses) are placed under running water for dirty water is removed and replaced with clean water.
If the array is large (sunflowers, calla lilies, bouquets), will require more water, so you must fill with water twice a day. The required amount of water is approximately one liter of water a day.
In the case of tulips, can be filled container or vase with ice, which when mixed with water, try a temperature suitable for this type of flowers.

In summary, the care they need to have to make your flowers last longer are:
* Use a clean vase and fresh water should be
* Before placing the flowers in the vase, remove the leaves from the stem to the level that will immerse in water
* Cut the stems diagonally as about 3 cm
* Do not expose flowers to direct sunlight or drafts
* Change the water in the vase every two days and cut the stems a little each time  you change the water
* Maintain flowers fruits far as proximity accelerates ripening flowers.

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