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Flower bouquets : conservation

Flower bouquets : conservation

The flowers are beautiful in a vase filled with joy and color stay. Some also perfume the air.

I have compiled a number of tips and tricks that will help you to preserve your flowers much longer.

1. If you go shopping, purchase flowers last so they reach home as cool as possible.

2. For best first thing in the morning. Rejects those which are the sun and having several days. If the pick flowers from the garden, do it early in the morning or evening, without heat.

3. Can be grown in the garden species suitable for Cut Flowers Perennial both as Perennial and Bulbous. For example:

Carnations and Estrelitzia

• Perennials and Perennials: Aquilegia, poet Carnation (Dianthus barbatus), Chrysanthemum, Dianthus (Dianthus deltoides), Gerbera, Sweet Pea, Peony, Strelitzia, Lilac, Violet, ... Rosal (It is a shrub).

• Bulbous: Lily, Freesia, Nardo, Tulip ...

4. It is advisable to get home with them the let a couple of hours with the stems completely submerged in water to recover the transfer and until the time of installing them in the final vase.

5. Start all those leaves which are to be submerged in water.

6. The vases must be very clean.

7. The silver vase has an antibacterial effect and preserve fresh flowers longer.

8. flowers do not like handling. No ahueques the field every few minutes.

9. Once you have cut off the end of their stems bevel, or those who are crushed slightly woody, shape bouquet and put it in the jar.

10. The flowers at home must treat them as if they were a houseplant. Ie prevents give direct sunlight coming through the windows, do not expose to air currents, or at very high temperatures (away from the heat of a heating radiator), prevents dry, etc ..

11. The flowers will last longer if you take night the balcony or window (if it's not too cold, obviously). Or, spend the night in a cooler room with an open window.

12. preservatives sell flowers.

Used properly and in the right quantities, is achieved even double the life of the flowers. These products kill bacteria thus avoids having to change the vase water daily. Simply adding a constant level fresh water from time to time is maintained.

13. If you do not use preservatives, daily changing all the water from the vase and cut some stems daily. The issue is that the vessels leads are not clogged or become infected by bacteria.

14. The classical method to take an aspirin is valid, but is more expensive that preservatives.

15. More tips for preserving flowers:

• Pour a few drops of bleach vase (disinfected). • Pour a splash of white vinegar.

• Add a few drops of gin.

• Usarlimonada instead of water.

• Placing a copper coin.

The trick to take sugar is not well regarded because stem seals ducts.

16. If the flowers wither early, try to revive them by the following procedure:

1. Cortales a little stems.

2. Fill a vase with warm water.

3. Enter in it the flowers and put them in a dark place.

4. When the water is cold and you can remove them and replace the hot water in cold water.

17. Roses

Cutting the roses in your garden just above a leaf. The court having a large inclination (bevel).

If you avoid the sun give them water and change them regularly, you can keep your roses up to 15 days.

The roses will last longer in the daily short bezel if a piece of stem end vase.

. A method to prevent deterioration of a bouquet of roses is using liquid wax is very simple:

1. Put remains of white candles dissolved in a saucepan.

2. As has melted completely, hold the stem, inverted, one of the roses, and sumérjela a time when the liquid wax. Pay special attention to all flower petals resulting impregnated with wax.

3. Take it out and insert it immediately in another saucepan with cold water. Repeat with the remaining bouquet flowers and then put it to dry in a jug turtleneck.

Roses as cut flowers

There is a group of varieties of roses obtained especially for this purpose, to cut flowers. They have a long and very straight stems and garden not look so good. Take a piece of space less visible or own garden to plant 5 or 6 feet, enough for roses to decorate and will scent inside your home.

Examples of recommended cut flower varieties:

- 'Baccara' (orange)
- 'Cardinal' (red)
- 'Carla' (Pink)
- 'Chrysler Imperial' (red)
- 'Queen Elisabeth' (pink)
- 'Sonia Meilland' (pink)


• It is best to cut the flowers in the morning or evening, once the sun has set.

• Cut (or purchase) buds begin to open. If you prefer only the buds, cut only submit their outer petals and detached, otherwise you may not get to open.

• Cut just above a leaf. The court having a large inclination (bevel).

• Eliminates the lower leaves and thorns and put the stems soaked with water to the base of the flowers, for 2-3 hours. Then put the roses in a clean vase.

• The vase with roses must be in a place with good light but not direct sunlight.

• Conservative Waterproof Add or aspirin and a little sugar. They'll last longer. They also last longer if you cut the bezel a bit of their stems.

• Keep the water clean by adding some daily.

Finally, discuss here the many uses it has petals of roses in the kitchen and of course, to make perfumes.

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