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make money from home online:easy

Make Money Online

Achieve make money online is a goal that many want to achieve, the idea of ​​working from home and able to care for your loved ones or spending more time with them is really attractive, unfortunately internet is very large and there are a lot sites that only dedicated to deceive people and promise them earn thousands of dollars a month without working or doing nothing, that's why I decided to write this post, so that more people know the real ways to make money on the internet, but is if it is important to know that as in real life, the internet will require time and dedication to achieve their goals, must be consistent to see the benefits, they can actually be much if they engage fully in this world.
What are the advantages of online work?

The first and most important of all internet never sleeps if for example create a web site, this will be online all day, 24 hours a day and thanks to you can make money even while you sleep.

We also have the fact that thanks to the internet you can work from home, you'll be your own boss and have your own hours, so everything depends on you will not have to take a bus or drive for hours to get to work, either have to endure the bad mood your boss or the envy of your "partners" work, you'll have a quieter life and you can also save some money by eating at home and neglecting gasoline.
What are the disadvantages of making money online?

The most important is that you may have to learn new things, if you're not the type who likes to learn new things maybe this is not the right place for you, but if you're the curious type who loves to try new things, basically an entrepreneur, the internet is the right place for you, every day you learn something new and because of that interest in achieving better able to make huge profits.
But How to start?

The first is to choose the type of work you want to do on the internet, there are different ways in which you can earn money online but may not all be to your liking, for example maybe you really like to write but do not enjoy create videos online, then you should devote to create a blog and write inside it or maybe we really like photography is our hobby, so why not again a source of income?

The internet is great and definitely exist a way that you like and that can generate income, you just have to choose it and make it.
What are the ways to earn money online?

1) Make Money With A Blog: Today is very easy to create a blog and make money with it, is more personally is the way that I recommend to all those new to the world of internet, from my point of view have a blog is something really basic either to share your latest photos with your friends or attract traffic and make money from it. Unless you are of those who hate writing definitely suggest you try this system.

Pro: It is very flexible can choose almost any topic and get good profits.

Cons: If you know nothing about blogs you must learn to handle them, though not all that complicated.

2) Make money with advertising: One of the most interesting ways to earn money there is currently through advertising, just need to have your own website and put some advertising system as Adsense, the idea is to receive many visits and the people see your ad, and thanks to that paid you.

Pro: It's easy to make money with this method it is enough to copy code and put it on your website.

Cons: You may need to try positions to find the best place for your ads.

3) Affiliate System: The idea is pretty simple, you should try to sell a product and receive a commission this sale, the interesting thing about this system is that you can earn up to 75% of the sales price of the product, eg if you can sell a product for $ 100 you can expect to earn 75, Clickbank is one of the best companies to affiliate systems, but of course there are many more.

Pro: It is a relatively simple system, which can generate a profit.

Cons: You need to choose a good affiliate platform, so a little research is required.

4) Money to free market: Today free market has become one of the best places to sell physical products, is also quite simple to do, just choose a product and put a description and some photos, and soon receive mail to sell, no doubt if you have the option to create a physical product this is the place to sell it.

Pro: It's something anyone can do, it's as easy as creating an account on a forum.

Cons: You have to be very careful and keep your prices competitive with the market.

5) Earn money with paid surveys: Surveys pay are a system existing long ago, but at first were made ​​in person, that means you had to go to the polling office to answer your questionnaire, nowadays things are much simplified and only need your computer and some time to make money from this system. Among the pros of this system is that you do not need any technical knowledge and there is no requirement if you have a computer, internet connection and a desire to give your opinion this is one of the best ways to earn from home.

Pro: A really simple system, you just need to have your say

Cons: You need to a lot of pollsters to make money.

6) Create your own Ebook: For some time you can get good profit selling your books digitally, as I can do? is quite simple you enjoy writing stories or maybe you're very good at a subject, you just need to put all that knowledge in Word and you can sell it and get good profits with him. Definitely if you have that old book that never finished taking dust aside time to finish it and squeeze money.

Pro: A great way to sell your books in digital format.

Cons: You have to create a product, if you do not have it.

7) Get Paid to surf Internet is vast and there are many companies that pay their users simply browse and visit some of its pages, how to make money is quite simple you just have to register, enter your system and click to the pages you see, so if you like meeting new places on the web this may be your system.

Pro: really easy with a few clicks can make money system.

Cons: The pay is not great and you have the right companies.

8) Reading Emails: A very similar to surfing the internet but with the PRO that all offers will arrive to your email so you only need to be attentive every so often to see new messages you have, it is important to be active system and do not miss many emails without review or you could lose your account.

Pro: really easy with a few clicks can make money system.

Cons: The pay is not great and you have the right companies.

9) Win with Youtube: Today is one of the most visited sites on the web, there are many people who go there expecting to find something funny to make money with this system you need your video being heavily used, so the best you can do is arm yourself with a camera and record something funny, how many more video upload the more likely generate traffic and get more money.

Pro: An easy and fun based system with a camera and take videos.

Cons: Need a good amount of visitors to generate money.

10) Make Money Selling Photos: Can you believe that n cool hobby like photography can generate great income? For that is there are many people who are willing to buy your photos to use on their websites or for print in magazines or newspapers. Something as simple as a click can give you hundreds of dollars a month, plus can help you afford your hobby and have a great time.

Pro: A way to turn a hobby business.

Cons: Need some knowledge of photography to sell quality photos.

11) Money in Forex: Perhaps the term is new to you, basically the foreign exchange market, buying and selling of currencies of different countries, the idea is to buy a currency that this trading floor and then resell it when climbing the price, is very similar to the stock market (stock exchange), although it is a bit tricky to understand at first there are many manuals that will help you win with this system.

Pro: A system with which you can earn a lot depending on the amount you invest.

Cons: You must study hard, and invest some money to understand how the system works.

12) On if it is not a system but a website where you can provide any service for $ 5, so simple you like to sing, sing songs offered for $ 5, you are a good offer your cartoons by cartoonist $ 5, etc. in this system really no buts everyone can earn $ 5 to the activity we wish to do.

Pro: You can sell any type of service for $ 5.

Contra: Actually I do not find cons.

13) Vuelvete online tutor: More and more people need to learn new things, from making a Tarjea of physics to learn to play chess, as in fiverr not here no excuse just have to say and choose a topic that you have domain can visit and to give you an idea.

Pro: An interesting way to share your knowledge.

Cons: You must have patience to find a student.

14) Win Playing Online: For as you read it, something as fun as playing online you to earn money just need to have some free time and desire to have fun and be making money, only seeks to take a break every so often.

Pro: You have fun and make money.

Cons: The pay is not great and you have the right companies.

15) Social Networks: Did you know you can pay you for hosting products in your facebook or twitter, or you can generate income by simply giving a product like or follow, because that is something so simple can generate good income.

Pro: A way to share your tastes in social networks.

Cons: Sometimes companies just do not know or do not typically you support.

16) Money With A cutters Links: The cutters as links are systems that help send links more easily by the internet, but can also help you make money, you just have to register and use them every time you think share a link, either a story or something similar.

Pro: A complementary way to earn money if you distribute links.

Cons: The pay is not great and you have a lot of traffic to earn well.

17) Solving Captchas: The Captchas are small forms that we write numbers or letters in the correct order, have seen insurance when registering at any forum or website, the fact is that some companies may enroll and earn money by solving these Captchas, here is the most important type fast because more CAPTCHAs solved most money will win.

Pro: It is an activity that we all carry.

Cons: You have to be very fast typing.

18) Selling and Buying Domains: One business that is booming is the buying and selling domains, similar to the stock market, a domain may go down in price over time, that is why we buy them when are cheap and then resell them when we feel that its price rises, although it seems a simple business requires a lot of learning and practice, perhaps investing some money but eventually you'll get good income.

Pro: It is a market in constant growth and domains each year worth more.

Cons: Need an initial investment.

19) Sharing Files on the Internet: There are some servers that let you earn money every time you upload a file or when one of your friends to download, the idea is quite simple you just need to create a file either a video or pdf and upload it to server the more people downloading earn more money.

Pro: A great way to make money if you distribute files.

Cons: The pay depends on the number of downloads you have your file.

20) Make Money Selling Software: Although this system is a bit restrictive (Know create applications) is really profitable, either for a development company or creating an app for android or iphone system is very lucrative one must seek that needs has people and create a system that covered.

Pro: Very good profits.

Cons: Need skills development.

21) Posting in forums: Many forum administrators pay their users by posting on their forums to increase activity in it, also usually do to generate more content and more popular, it Whatever the reason may come in to pay $ 0.20 per post published and these need not be very large.

Pro: A really easy way to make money.

Cons: You have to be very active in the community to make money.

22) Writing Blogs Comments: In the same way that users need forum administrators, webmasters need to posts on their websites to increase activity in them and thus can attract more people and generate a conversion between them.

Pro: A really easy way to make money.

Cons: You have to be pretty active on the blog to make money.

23) Make Money writing articles: This is one of the better business than a person without web / blog but eager to write can be performed, site simply need to find a theme you like and start creating content about it, when you finish posts at least 400 words you can sell it and get at least $ 5 each, imagine if you write 3 posts a day (anything at all complicated) earn $ 15 a day that are 450 per month, a negligible extra money and you can help start other businesses online.

Pro: If you enjoy writing and writing is a great alternative.

Cons: You need to have a good style and wording.

24) Translating Documents: Like the English, you speak German, so why do not you start making money translating these documents, if as you read you can leverage your skill translating various documents, depending on your education and experience you can earn up to $ 9 100 words, it's not enough? the average article in the internet has 300 words so each post should be earning $ 27, you can easily translate 3 per day which would make $ 81 a day.

Pro: A practical to leverage your skills.

Cons: Need to know another language.

25) Virtual Assistant: This is an interesting way to make money, there are many companies that need qualified people to answer your phone or assist in work support, the most interesting of these companies is that they usually give a training course so need not experience.

Pro: In most cases you do not need experience.

Cons: Not the typical online job, here you will have a schedule and head.

26) Reviewing Products: Especially when a company releases new products that need to know if you agree to the standards of their customers, this need people who try them, whether soaps, perfumes or new beauty creams there are hundreds of ready products to be tested, and give you clear part of the product get paid for doing the review, it is also best that you send him to you.

Pro: They send the products to your home.

Cons: Need a good list of products under review.

27) Advertising CPA: The CPA or cost per action is an interesting way to make money, is similar to the affiliate system but this time do not pay only for the sale of a product but also for the registration of a person, eg you invite your friends to participate in a drawing for an Iphone by CPA you can earn $ 1 for each of your friends who are recorded.

Pro: If you do good work for you 24hours a day, without requiring you to intervene.

Cons: You need to learn how the system works, plus an initial investment.

28) Making Coaching: You're very good at something, maybe in real life are a big seller or a great painter, many of your abilities can be exploited to take advantage of them, it sounds like being a virtual tutor, is similar but Coaching people who often have great approach with their students, they are basically a custom class and often call each other either by phone or skype.

Pro: Very good profits.

Cons: It usually require much of your time.

29) Being freelancer: In this virtual world is no longer necessary to be hired at a company to work for her, sometimes companies need professionals for specific tasks such as troubleshooting a server or take a training class employees, these Companies are looking freelancer for these tasks and overall the fact that they not hired for the company to generate payments for FreeLancer be much higher.

Pro: A type of flexible work and good income.

Cons: You need to watch out for deals and often bid on them.

30) Displaying Advertising PTC: This is one of the simplest ways to make money online, all you have to do is register a company PTC and she will send notices to those who must visit / click or register for each of these actions earn money, and if you buy any products of their sponsors you'll creditor great deals.

Pro: You only need to clicks and earn

Cons: The pay is not great and need to know what the best companies.

31) Make Money from your mobile: Did you know you can make money with your phone or mobile? so simply because some companies must register and these will send advertising to your phone or to recommend you to use applications, unfortunately this type of service is restricted to smartphones.

Pro: It's a way to capitalize on your phone.

Cons: The pay is usually not very good.

32) Make Money with Mini works: There are some companies that need very simple jobs like review and find errors on a website, or give ideas for a company name, maybe do some graphic but overall work is done you do not take more than 5 minutes, these businesses are called mini jobs and are very useful to get some extra cash.

Pro: really simple and interesting work payments.

Cons: There is usually a lot of competition.

33) Make Money By advertising websites: Especially if a website is new needs to become more popular so there are companies that pay for links to their sites make forums, blogs or any other website on the internet, the idea is to find a page that is very popular and there launch your advertising campaign.

Pro: Good pay for doing something as simple as promoting a site.

Cons: You need to be very active in different communities

There are many ways to earn money online, although not all are the best known and undoubtedly they are the most revenue generating, so I encourage you to try, if possible try them all so you can knowing which ones you really like, remember if you love your job will be much easier to do so always try to do the things you really want, so you will become better at what you do.

For now let's post it as a description of these ways to make money but I'll try, to make an individual post for each form so you can have more information on each website that can help you make money. Also spend time to time again I will try to update this post with new forms that are found.

As extra information I have to say that the most important for success is to be clear about your goal, try to write it somewhere, put an amount on what you earn, write down the things you want to achieve, paste it somewhere you can see, so you mood to follow and you strength if you plan on leaving things personally perform this method and now earn much more than what I wrote that time, I've gotten everything I put on my list and Now create a new and I am sure I will get everything I wrote on it.

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